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Bob Mover is one of the greatest and most underexposed musicians in the history of Jazz.
Hank Jones

Bob is one of the true heavyweigts of all time in music.
Lee Konitz

Bobby and I go back a long way. Bob is a wonderfull musician- one of the great alto players who in recent years has become a real tenor player as well.
Michael Brecker

Taking Charlie Parker, Lee Konitz, and Sonny Rollins as exemplars early on, Mover is the sum of his parts with a mind and a heart of his own.

Leonard Feather and Ira Gitler The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz

People are always amazed when they hear him play!
Chet Baker interview - The Wire

A first-class alto player.
Phil Woods interview - Saxophone Journal

His music rings with a profundity that speaks to both heart and mind...Mover´s voice is his own, worth listening to...carefully.
Chuck Berg - Downbeat Magazine

The day that Dexter Gordon died, Bob Mover was doing a live jazz recording when a blackout occurred. Bob was supposed to finish playing at 7:30 pm but he continued all night with no power or lights and dedicated the night to Dexter. We were packed with people, sweating from the heat, but no one left until 1:00 am. The music was brilliant!
from an article written about The Pilot - Toronto´s famous jazz club.

A very sensitive artist and a true jazz icon
Bob Comden LA Jazz Press